Advent Candle Lighting

Volunteers Packing Christmas Presents For Needy Families

Christmas Caroling

Christmas Cantata and
Advent Candle Lighting

The Christmas Shoppe

guest Speaker - Tristan Smith


Special Music by Abby

Trunk Or Treat




Volunteers repairing
the Sanctuary Walls

Picnic/Retreat has been cancelled
due to the weather

Church Picnic/Fall Retreat 

Saturday, Sept. 29
2-7 pm
The Pulliam Farm
Bring your favorite picnic dish, lawn chair and blanket

2-3 pm - Arrival - Games and Fun

3-4 pm - Your Committees

Come and meet your deacon committee chairperson.
Hear about planned programs.
Share and submit ideas.
Volunteer to help benefit others

4-5 pm - Prayer and relaxation with Fluffy (Pastor Ken Jameson)

5-6 pm - Food and fellowship

6-7 pm - Closing Worship

Fundraiser For Pulliam Farm


Ice Cream Social - August 2018

More Landscaping Volunteers



Landscaping Volunteers

Eclipse 2017 Volunteers

Jitterbug Generation Luncheon in August

Putting up the new flag

Volunteers working on the Sign base

Bible School 2017

Baptism/Joining The Church Family

Volunteers Hard At Work

Eagle Scout Ceremony