Martha Martin, chair
Bob Burns
Lori Colvin
Chris Fine
Charles Ingraham
Carolyn Lovelace


Rayann Herndon, co-chair
Jennifer Morrison, co-chair
Mary Jo Brown
Jack Canaday
Judy Canaday
Richard Canaday
John Ezell
Laura Fine
Jack Huddart
Laura Huddart
Heather Lackey
Gwen Macomber
Maggie Wieneke

Deacon Committees

Outreach - Richard Canaday, chair

Outreach is responsible for programs that reach out to the community and other mission endeavors.

Membership - Maggie Weineke, chair

Membership involves events and programs that involve the membership of the church.

Education - Laura Huddart, chair

Education is in charge of Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and other educational needs of the church.

Stewardship - Jack Huddart, chair

Stewardship is responsible for the yearly church budget and audits when needed.

Worship - Judy Canaday, chair

Worship takes care of the sanctuary, sees to the needs of the service not under the pastor.

If you have cares or concerns related to the deacons, call Rayann Herndon, 816-582-9675.

Church Board Officers

Chair - Chris Fine
Vice-chair - Charles Ingraham
Secretary - Jennifer Morrison
Financial Secretary - Diane Zahn
Treasurer - Shirley Rupe
Clerk - Diane Zahnd
Trustees - Jim Ball, Jim Otterman

Other Leadership

Christian Women's Fellowship - Mary Jo Brown, president
Men's Monthly Breakfast - Estil Williams
Youth - Laura Huddart